Unbreakable Best Dad Ever Glasses - Set of 2

Unbreakable Best Dad Ever Glasses - Set of 2

Stallion Barware
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Whether you're a Single Malt Whisky person, a Bourbon lover, or someone who believes in drinking like a sailor, Old Fashion is a Whiskey Glass you ought to have. It’s not just his looks but that toughened glossy appeal that makes even the best of glasses jealous of him.

So, make Old Fashion yours and he will make sure you have a ball over that round of whiskey served in this handsome, heavy-duty unbreakable barware.

Cheers to the festivity! 

Material: Polycarbonate

Capacity: 350 ml

Set consists of 2 Unbreakable Whiskey Glasses

Products look and feel like glass up to a certain extent but they are NOT glass.