Cool Iced Tea and Cold Coffee Recipes to Savour this Summer!

The summer is here and soon we are going to be sweating and feel completely exhausted. Instead of guzzling down the soft drinks, which are not so good beverage choices, you should consider switching to some other refreshing options. Tea and coffee are the two most popular beverage choices, but not something that one would consider having during the summer. What if you give your regular beverages a cold twist?

Your regular beverages would certainly taste heavenly once you tweak the ingredients and come up with innovative recipes. When you start innovating and put your culinary skills to test the sky is your limit. We are sure you would be coming up with some delicious tea and coffee delights, but we are about to give you a head start by presenting some amazing cool iced tea and coffee recipes here.

Brew up cold tea and coffee delights!

There are many versions of iced tea and you could try something on your own as well. It is all about experimenting with flavors and enjoying the chilled taste. You just have to remember one thing, when you are preparing iced tea you have to boil the tea, but do not boil it too much otherwise, it would be a little bitter. Keep it light.

You can experiment with the flavor and since it is the hot summer days, what you need is a refreshing flavor, so you can infuse the tea with fresh fruits, herbs and also step out of your comfort zone and experiment with other tea variations. Now that we are done with the tips let's look at the recipes, we are providing some ideas, now improvise! Do not forget to buy tea coasters online to serve the chilled delights.

  • Lemon iced tea: You can make this popular yet super easy-to-make iced tea version in a jiffy as the ingredients are available in your pantry. You better use some teabags for this, just get a pitcher and pour hot water into it and put tea bags, remember do not soak it for long and the number of tea bags and the amount of water would depend upon how many servings you have in mind. Add the required amount of sugar, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Let this cool in the fridge and serve the chilled beverage garnishing it with lemon wedges and a sprig of mint leaves.

  • Coconut and lemon infusion: Things can't get any fresher than this. Nothing seems more appealing in the summer than the fresh coconut water and when you add a dash of lemon juice to it things are bound to work like magic. You can brew the tea by adding tea bags, lemon juice, sugar, and coconut water and chill the whole mixture. Later when you serve add mint leaves.

  • White tea and mango: For the next recipe, you can switch to white tea and also throw in seasonal fruits into the mix. For this particular version use mango. Now prepare the white tea separately with teabags and it is time for you to let the mixture cool down. Once it is cool enough chop mango slices and add a dash of honey and mix everything well. Now put it in the refrigerator until it's completely chilled.  You can also replace the mango with pineapple and finish off with a hint of lemon.

Now that we have got our iced tea recipes to let's have some cold coffee for our caffeine lovers who have just got some quirky coffee mugs online and can't wait to show off.

The summer is the perfect time for coffee lovers to experiment with the coffee beans, and we have some delectable cold coffee delights for you.

  • The first version of the cold coffee that we have again is the easiest to make as you do not need anything special for this recipe. You would need the instant coffee powder that you have in your kitchen, sugar, cold milk, and some cold water if you do not want the milk. Just put everything in the blender and mix well until everything becomes frothy. Pour in a tall glass and then serve with a little shaved chocolate and whipped cream. A pure delight!

  • The next version is even more mouthwatering! You just need the blender again and put instant coffee powder, sugar, cream, ice, cold milk, and a large dollop of your favorite ice cream together and mix. Serve with ice cubes and a generous amount of chocolate syrup.

  • You can also experiment with it by adding caramel sauce, a little cinnamon, and maybe some vanilla extract to the coffee, sugar, and cold milk mix. If you are feeling a little bolder then throw in your chocolate bar as well for that extra effect. Just have fun and serve with a dollop of ice cream on top.

What are you waiting for? Just dash to your kitchen and start whipping up these iced delights!

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