10 Quick Meals to Plate on your Exotic Serving Platters Set!

So, you have just revamped your home with unique home decor accessories and you are now ready to welcome the guests, and throw a party or, maybe just have the family members over for a cozy dinner, or, entertain your friends with some tasty snacks and have a fun time frolicking and sharing the latest gossip. But these are all planned events, what about those times when guests arrive unannounced and you have no idea how to entertain them?

You made up your mind to buy designer serving platters online, and you just did, now you can't wait to serve the yummy food in those platters and invite envious but appreciative glances. But you certainly do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen as well as you have a whole house tour planned.  Do not worry at all, we have got you covered here with not 1 but 10 quick meal ideas that are bound to wow the guests! So without any further ado let's start!

Quick meals to serve on your serving platters

Before we begin we would give you a little suggestion, whether you want to make an elaborate meal or, something quicker, even snacks,  you have to ensure that you have a well-stocked pantry. When you have ingredients in stock, you won't have a problem rustling up quick meals or, snacks. Keep checking your pantry and restock the essentials, and also have a variety of ingredients.

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  1. The Burger: The universally favorite burger is easy to prepare and you can come up with so many versions of it. Not messy at all and it is easy to prepare, serve and eat while enjoying your chat. It is a fuss-free delight that you should try. Now you can opt for veg burgers, cheeseburgers and of course the chicken version. It depends on your guests' preference. The buns are in your stock already, you just have to make the patty. If you have minced chicken then great, if you haven't it does not take long, make the patty in the microwave. Now while the patty is cooking, you just have to toast the buns, slice the tomatoes, onions and get your lettuce. Voila! You have just made your guest happy.
  2. Paneer Bhurji: Paneer is that item that we always have in our fridge and this is a magic ingredient that can transform any dinner. So, we are not launching into something super complicated here, we are just plating the paneer bhurji. Just go to your kitchen, chop the onion and tomato, with some green chilies and add spices. As you cook them crumble some paneer and add to the mix. Finish off with some coriander and then serve with a lemon wedge and onion rings.
  3. Macaroni and Cheese: If you are feeling a bit lazy and do not feel like cooking anything, then Mac 'N' Cheese can save you this time. It is super easy to make and the guests would love the creamy, comforting taste of the delicious combo. All you need to be doing is to have the Mac 'N' Cheese, ingredients at home. Just get the macaroni ready with salt and water in the microwave and then in the next step get the cheese, with pepper and milk. Mix everything and stir well and after 5 minutes of microwaving everything, you will have your food ready to serve in those designer platters.
  4. Amritsari Fish: If you have guests who just love fish, and even if they don't these particular items are bound to transform them into a fan. The Amritsari Fish is such a popular and yummy dish, and this is easy to make as well. If you have found elegant crockery plates online, you can use these to serve these crispy golden delights as well. Don't worry you won't need more than 15 minutes to prepare it. Just get fish fillets and coat these with exotic spices and gram flour batter and deep fry until these are golden. Serve with some tangy, spicy dip and lemon wedges.
  5. Chicken Salad: This is one of the yummiest and healthiest recipes that you can just prepare in a jiffy. This being healthy, your guests would love it too. There are many versions of the recipe available with a variety of dressing and ingredients. You just get chicken breast pieces and grill, now you can toss some pasta into the dish to make it more appealing with, some tomatoes, some veggies like carrots, throw some spinach and finish off with a dressing that is drenching with lemon juice.
  6. Tomato Pasta: This is again a dish that would save you trouble yet win you brownie points from your guests nonetheless. Just grab your pasta from the pantry and put it in the boiling water according to the instructions on the pack. Next, you can chop tomatoes and mix that with spices like oregano, some cheese, nuts, olive oil and salt, pepper. Just mix everything well and then you can cook it or, could also mix the boiled pasta into this combo and serve. It would be a heavenly delight.
  7. Chilli Prawns: Now it is time to serve something spicy, in those designer platters of yours. The prawns are again universally favorite, so making something spicy with prawns is a yummy idea. Just make sure that your prawns are properly cleaned and ready to be cooked. Mix in bowl cornflour, egg, salt, pepper, and a dash of soy sauce and mix well, now put the prawns in and coat well. Deep dry these and set them aside. Now prepare the sauce with onion, garlic, capsicum, soy sauce, red chili sauce. Once the mix is done you need to add the prawns and cook well.
  8. Ground Chicken with Veggies Fry: Another great idea for you would be to mix chicken with vegetables. If you have some ground chicken in your fridge along with an assortment of vegetables, then you should consider putting these to good use. Use colorful vegetables, like bell peppers, carrots and fry these well and add some chopped onions and a little garlic to the mix. Put in ground chicken and stir fry, finish off with a dash of lemon juice and a sprinkle of pepper. Your dish is hot and ready to be served.
  9. Club Sandwich: You have bread in your stock, you have mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, mustard, eggs, chicken, so, what are you waiting for, just put these together and you have a club sandwich ready. But do not be careless about it. A club sandwich is all about getting the layering right and you need to choose the ingredients carefully enough to ensure that you are getting all the layers right, and not serving a soggy mess. Now you can be creative with it too and it does not take long to prepare. So, now you are ready to serve.
  10. Lemon Rice: We haven't included any rice dish to the list yet, so let's finish off with one that is bound to win hearts and taste buds. The lemon rice is going to be a fulfilling meal that is super easy to prepare and colorful to look at and a great treat for the taste buds. If you have pre-cooked rice then your work is half done,  heat oil in a pan, and fry peanuts, chana dal, and add the tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chili, ginger, turmeric, and salt. Now mix the rice well and squeeze lemon juice and mix and serve. This is just amazing to have as a cozy meal.

Now you have a list of cool recipes that you can prepare fast and this is your chance to impress the guests. So, take out your designer serving trays and get ready to surprise the guests.

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