Take out Your Snacks Bowls Set to Serve These Spicy Snacks!

We are all feeling so harassed by the summer months when we are all surrounded by the heatwave and of course who can forget the sweat. The uneasiness can truly make you feel lethargic and you might as well feel the need to replenish yourself with some cool juices. However, no matter how you feel all day, you will feel the craving for some spicy, mouthwatering snack in the evenings, especially if it rains and the monsoon season would be upon us soon, so the craving would reach a new height and you would love to gorge on some snacks. So, buy snacks bowls set because your presentation matters, and get ready for some spicy snack ideas.

Spicy Snacks for Your Snack Bowls:

With so many finger-licking snack recipes around, it is hard to pick a handful as everything promises to be spicier than the other and tastier too, but we will still pick some names here.

  • Papri Chaat: Yes! Nothing gets you salivating like a promising chaat, which is a favorite of many. The popular street food could be given a home makeover and it is super easy to prepare and you can start entertaining your guests in a jiffy, just don't fight over portion sizes. Have plenty, you just need simple ingredients and the star ingredient here is the papri, which is available easily. Now get some potatoes, some chutney, usually the tamarind chutney, you can get the mint one or, you can also come up with some of your own. Grab a packet of seven, chaat masala, and chilies. Now assemble and layer and present. Introduce variations as per taste!

  • Aloo Tikkis: Another spicy delicacy that can truly be won your guests' hearts. Do not think about the calorie, just enjoy it. You need some potatoes which should always be present in your pantry. Now all you have to do is to grab some besan or, cornflour and, coriander leaves chili powder cumin, you can add onions as well, and just mix everything and fry. The hot tikkis are ready for the bowls. Just buy quirky coffee mugs online, so that you can present the hot tikkis with a steaming cup of coffee.

  • Dahi Vada: The heavenly blend of creamy yogurt and spices and the softness of the vada melting together in the mouth can be pure bliss. So, present your guests with the perfect Dahi vada. Now you can experiment a little with the vada and could try some innovative, yummy stuffing that can truly uplift your mood. You can also go the traditional way and stick to the usual, both ways you will win hearts.

  • Misal Pav: Yes, it is healthy and yummy and it is such a filling snack for the evening, especially when the rain is pouring. You just have to prepare the sprouts curry, which is the Misal. You would be needing moth bean sprouts, for this preparation and you must boil these and then prepare the concoction of, chopped onion, spices, and tamarind pulp and add the sprouts to this heady mix. Get the pav ready and also onions, tomatoes, potatoes chopped with chilies to sprinkle on the top. Now you can get something else to sprinkle as well. Just get ready for the tasty bites.

If you are into cooking then you should consider experimenting and coming up with some delights of your own. Make sure that you are working on the presentation, buy designer serving platters online, and serve the snacks in a grand style.