Serve These Yummy Munchies in Your Snack Bowl Set

The snack time is the yummiest time of the day, especially for the foodies and even if you are not a foodie, you will still feel tempted to try out the munchies served the cutest small bowls. However, whether you are having something for your own snack time, or, if you have guests over at your place in the afternoon, your pantry should always be stocked with munchies that make the snack time perfect for you. Although while selecting snacks we tend to look for the junk items in our kitchen, as we are always more focused on pleasing our taste buds, always remember that your health should never take a backseat. So, buy snacks bowls set and go through the list of the healthy and yummy munchies that your guests would love to snack on.

Yummy and Healthy Snacks for Your Snack Bowl Set:

  • Mixed nuts: Nothing can be more yummy and healthy at the same time as the assorted nuts. We are not talking about the spicy and salted versions available out there, no, get the healthy versions. If you or, the guests are not allergic to nuts then you can easily take out the snack bowls and fill these with different nuts. The nuts are filled with protein, fiber and whatnot. From cashews to almonds, you can easily take your pick from the variety of options available. Your guests would simply fall in love with the nuts as these are healthy and also are delicious.

  • Fruit slices with peanut butter: Things do get sweeter with this particular snack idea. Nothing can be more delicious than fresh fruits, and most importantly, when you put the creamiest bowl of peanut butter for the guests to dip the slices in the butter, it can be so delicious. You can choose apples, bananas, or, lush strawberries would go really well with peanut butter. You can also have fun with the presentation, just get some amazing crockery plates online, and place the fruit slices on the plates and if you buy snacks bowls set as well, then take a bowl and fill it up with peanut butter and place it in the middle.  You might also prefer using a serving platter to carry both in crockery plates and bowls.

  • Cookies: Another great way to entertain your guests is to serve them a platter full of cookies. Now there is no beating the chocolate chip cookies and who does not want to indulge once in a while? However, you can also opt for a healthier version with something like oatmeal cookies, or, you might even come up with your own version. You would simply love to serve these cookies and yes, you can again play with the presentation here.  Just stock up on different sizes of crockery plates online and also buy serving platters online. Now, prepare different cookies and stack those on the crockery plates and use your serving platter to serve these. The guests will be thrilled to have so many variations to choose from.

  • Nachos and dips: Now this is a no-brainer, the nachos have been winning hearts with their scrumptious tastes, and the moment you serve these crunchy delights the guests would start jostling to get their hands on them. Now you can serve nachos with the regular salsa, or, you can experiment with the dips, the choice is yours. Cheese is something that can make the nacho time even more delectable, along with the cheese of your choice throw in some sour cream, mayonnaise to make it a treat for the taste buds. Fill up your snack bowls with the nachos and yummy dips and get ready for a fun snack time.

Loved the munchies? Those were some of the healthy and yummy options we have for you. You can come up with your own mix to make the snack time memorable. However, presentation matters so, whether you buy snacks bowls set or, buy serving platters online make sure that you are choosing items that make the presentation spicier.