Quirky Coffee Mugs: 5 Cool Caffeine Delights to Serve

Who doesn't like coffee? After all, it is the unofficially official beverage for people who need that extra kick to go through the huge workload throughout the day. In fact, there are people who cannot start their day without their cup of coffee and feel sluggish. But, there is no need to think of coffee in a limiting sense, the coffee can truly win our hearts and delight us in many forms. You just need the recipe, the right ingredients, and watch the caffeine work its magic. Grab quirky coffee mugs online to enhance the experience. The boring old coffee mugs are such an eyesore, why stick to them when you can grab a Polka Dot Cappuccino Mug or, the Unicorn Coffee Mug? So, for you hardcore caffeine lovers we bring you 5 cool caffeine delights that are bound to make you happy in the summer!

Coffee delights for your quirky coffee mugs:

  • Iced Mocha: One of the coolest recipes that you will ever come across is the iced version of the so popular mocha. This is way too cool for you to prepare and serve your guests. You need coffee of course along with milk, cocoa powder, sugar, and whipped cream. Now you can settle for chocolate syrup as well, but it might be a little sweet, so what you really need to do is to balance out the sweetness by using cocoa powder. You need premade cold coffee for this recipe, and make it strong. Mix the sugar, milk, cocoa powder and mix really well over heat, add coffee. Take your coffee mug and put ice cubes and pour the mixture. Add some milk if necessary and finish off with whipped cream.

  • Iced Cappuccino: You are already feeling a little tempted aren't you? Try out the iced cappuccino today, all you would be needing is premade cold espresso. If you do not have that, then you can easily make this preparation with Cappuccino mix that is available in the market. Another option for you would be the instant coffee, which you must use to prepare coffee with hot water. Take out your blender and put the coffee, with ice, sugar, milk, throw in some chocolate and blend! You have your Iced Cappuccino ready, you can sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top as well.

  • Iced Latte: The summer is here, so it is just amazing to know that there are so many iced versions of your favorite coffee. You can get the espresso for this one as well, but you can also skip this and move to the instant coffee powder. Now mix the instant coffee, with hot water and prepare a concoction, use sugar or, any sweetening agent that you prefer, you can use some syrup as well as it would add flavor such as maple. Blend with milk, and ice and make it foamy and delightful, for that extra kick add a little bit of condensed milk.

  • Iced Coffee: You can easily prepare this at home and you can be as creative with it as you want. You need your instant coffee powder, and make it strong. Take out your blender and mix the coffee, with milk, ice, chocolate syrup, some cream and add a dash of cardamom, or, cinnamon powder. You can also experiment with nutmeg and make it extra delicious. You can also replace the regular milk with soy milk or, almond milk as for that matter. Throw in some chocolate too to enhance the flavor. Be creative!

  • Caramel Iced Coffee: Something truly delectable is on its way, in the form of caramel iced coffee. You will be needing the regular ingredients for this concoction, the coffee, water, sugar but the only thing that should be extra special for this preparation, is the caramel sauce, the star ingredient. Now take freshly brewed coffee and mix the caramel sauce, and sugar. Now when the concoction is right you need to chill the whole thing and while serving add milk, ice. You can add cinnamon powder to the mix as well to make it even more tempting.

Those were some chilled coffee delights for you to prepare and serve your guests. Take out your quirky coffee mugs and start serving, just don't forget to buy serving trays online.