Looking For The Right Color Scheme For Your Living Room? Here Are The Tips!

The living room happens to be an important room in your home, aside from the fact that you and your family love to watch movies, or, chat here, you also welcome and entertain your guests in this room. The living room decor needs to be inviting and comfortable at the same time, so every tiny detail needs to be paid attention to. Among all the elements choosing the colour scheme seems to be the most important decision you will ever take. The color scheme needs to be decided thoughtfully, as the rest of the unique home decor elements will be synchronized with the dominant colour palette of the living room. So, we have listed down some tips here that will help you select the right colour scheme for the living room.

Tips To Select The Right Colour Scheme For Your Living Room:

  • Keep Your Room in Mind: One of the most important rule that you should be keeping in mind, is that for a small room you should never ever pick dark colors. The dark colors would make it look even more enclosed and small than it really is. On the other hand you can choose dark shades for a big room and make it appealing. For small rooms always opt for the lighter shades that would make the room look bright and bigger, especially white, beige these colors help in reflecting light.  While buying designer home accessories, and furniture you can also create a contrast, and even add pops of colors to your room.

  • Choose The Theme:  Another thing that must be kept in mind is what theme do you have in mind for the living room. Take into consideration the colors of other rooms and decide do you want to follow the theme that you have followed for the rest of the rooms or, do you want to create a separate theme? If all your rooms are in pastels shades, or, white then for the living room you have to follow the same rule. While buying home decor accessories you should do the same.

  • Keep The Light in Mind: Does your room gets enough natural light or, it is dark and you need artificial lighting to keep it illuminated? You should most definitely keep this factor in mind before you make a move. If there is enough natural light that illuminates the room then you can choose colors  that are warm in tone. The cool tones should be chosen too after a much deliberation. Follow how the light sources both natural and artificial, are impacting the room and how that is having an effect on the furniture and the designer home accessories.

  • Be Innovative And bold:  Keeping the above mentioned rules in mind you should consider being innovative and bold in your choices. There are many options available so, step out of the same old color palette, everyone else is setting down for and think out of the box.  Play with the ideas, and you should also look for inspiration in magazines, in paintings, or, may be some unique home decor items that you have come across recently. Find some hue that you find inspirational or, something that you want to showcase. Also look for bolder shades like the purple, red, a vibrant orange, or, even black as for that matter. Also choose contrasting colors for your walls, imagine a spacious living room with opposite walls painted in black and grey. Brainstorm and shortlist colors before you finalize anything.

  • Do Not Ignore The Trend: Your home should definitely reflect your own sense of style, however, at the same time you should explore the trends that are now doing the rounds. Find out which colors are trending, and what the experts are saying, once you are aware of that find out which one seems right for your place and absolutely complements your own sense of style.

  • Always Sample: You probably do not think this is necessary, but without testing it you should never take the final step. A shade might look good on somebody's walls or, on the shade card but it might not be what you need on the walls of your house. It might look tempting, but when you paint your walls with it, you might not quite like that effect. Furthermore, the color might not complement your furniture pieces or, your home decor accessories. So, always test to be sure.

With that we have come to the end of this discussion. We have put together the unique home decor tips to help you pick the right colour for your living room and we know that you will find that perfect shade that will transform your living room into the magical place that it is meant to be.