Kitchen Decor: Are You Following These Rules?

Kitchen is undoubtedly one of the important places in the home, after all the entire meals for the whole family is prepared here. However, when it comes to decorating your home, most of us do not pay attention to the kitchen decor at all, and we mostly take it for granted. However, you spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen area and you also entertain your guests, and you should make the right effort in ensuring that the kitchen transforms into a beautifully decorated place. But you should never be random about it, just the way you follow the unique home decor rules while decorating the rest of the house, you should also follow certain rules for your kitchen area. Let's check these out shall we?

The Unique Kitchen Decor Rules:

Decluttering is The Key:

No matter which room you want to decorate, if it is cluttered then you will have a hard time decorating it beautifully. You just have to remember that decluttering is as important for your kitchen as it is for other rooms. Sit down with a notepad and a pen and then go through the list of the items that are in your kitchen, and then, move on to making a list of the items that should no longer be there. The outdated items that you no longer need should be out of the kitchen making the adequate room for the necessary ones. If you have just bought snacks serving set, then you should say goodbye to the old plates that you would use for serving snacks. Also label your spice jars, and containers, or, colour code them to keep everything organized.

The Colour Scheme:

The colour scheme in a kitchen is very important, and you should understand that your kitchen must be a place that is colourful and cheerful. You have to choose your colours carefully, if you are choosing neutral colours for the kitchen then you should definitely consider adding pops of colours through the kitchen accessories. If you want to buy ceramic plates online, then choose colourful ones that would add the much needed colour to the kitchen and would break the monotony. On the other hand, selection of vibrant hues like yellow, orange, blue can change the whole ambience. Also do not leave out the cabinets and drawers, you should also paint these to create a contrast or, to complement the main colour scheme of the room. You can also let in colour through the kitchen towels, and decor accessories.

Add a Personal Touch:

Your kitchen is the place where you spend a long time cooking for the loved ones. This place should be a reflection of your personality as well. Add photographs of yours, your family, pets, you can also hang paintings if you like. The secret to creating unique home decor is, you should make the decor unique to your taste. You can hang some wall accessories in the kitchen, you might also choose to be expressive with wall decals. Inclusion of a landscape in the kitchen can truly add to its aesthetic appeal, and will give a you a much needed breeze as you toil in the kitchen to prepare food. Add any element that lets you express who you are or, what you love.

The Open Shelves Are a Must:

When you are decorating your kitchen you should definitely utilize your open shelves. If you do not have a shelf, then you can install some floating shelves which can enhance the kitchen decor in a jiffy. You can use these shelves to display the items you want to show-off. You can put mini planters on the shelves with small indoor plants and thus bring nature to your kitchen, you can also display all the cookbooks you resort to for cooking. If you frequently buy ceramic plates online, then you can display the most colourful ones on these shelves, along with your quirky coffee mugs. You can place mini sculptures too on these shelves, and  create a unique display for your onlookers. 

The Lighting:

Your kitchen decor no matter how grand it is would simply fall flat if you do not take care of the lighting. A kitchen must be well-lit for all the practical purposes, you have to prepare food so there must be adequate lighting in the kitchen area. You should go for a layered lighting scheme for your kitchen, you should never ever settle for only one kind of lighting. For the meal prep area you need to opt for the task lighting which is so important, and you can also install under cabinet lighting as well as recessed lighting. Hang some stylish pendants above your kitchen island to add to the appeal.

Display Matters:

Your kitchen is a place which is usually not thought of as the right place to display any item, but you should. You can choose a statement mirror and hung it on one wall and thereby allowing the natural as well as artificial light to illuminate the room. May be the indoor plants could be on display as you place them around the kitchen, or, you can have a beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers on the kitchen island next to a nice ceramic bowl of colourful fruits. The choice is yours. You can also opt for hanging racks and display your beautiful copper pots and pans, or, coffee mugs. If you have glass cabinets then you can also use that to display your colourful crockery, snacks serving set, fancy dinnerware. Now you can try all of these, or, some of the ideas, but always remember what you choose to display speaks volumes about your choice.

Those were a couple of rules that one should bear in mind while decorating the kitchen. Just like unique home decor, you can also decorate your kitchen in an unique manner, follow the rules and be innovative with your ideas!