Innovative Ways to Use Your Serving Platters and Trays!

The home becomes even more interesting when you get creative with your decor and accessories. There is simply no room for the mundane or the ordinary.  When you go beyond the usual and start experimenting with ideas and themes, you dare to be different and you create a space that is unique to your taste and which reflects your personality so well! You perhaps have created a different theme for every room, and have gotten unique home decor accessories that stand out from the crowd.

But certainly, you have not given it enough thought to experiment with the usual items which we usually do not pay much attention to. If you buy designer serving platters online, and love to use these for serving food, then you are in for a surprising treat.  Here are some innovative ways to use your designer serving platters and trays.

Innovative Ways to Use Serving Platters and Trays:

  • You can use these trays for the obvious purpose which is for serving food when you have guests to impress. But, be a little imaginative with your choices and opt for something really different. You can also buy snack bowls set and combine the two to serve your snacks, food items in style.  Remember the presentation matters and that is the reason you must have a grand collection of serving platters and trays. From classy to quirky your choices should be as varied as your food.

  • When you buy serving trays online you mostly want to serve food, but these could be used for displaying your crockery as well. You have got the ceramic crockery online which are beautiful, you can easily display these by placing the bowls as a set or, stack the crockery plates and line these on the trays, this would solve your storage issues in the kitchen as well and you can easily access the entire set by just taking out the tray.

  • You can use your serving tray on the small coffee table in the living room where you can put some odd assortment of items that you want to display. In fact, you can also put small decor items that are too tiny on the trays and put these on the mantle. It would be a nice touch.

  • The serving trays could also be placed next to the door and the keys could be put in there. You can also put other trinkets that you have to carry and could place these back on the tray.

  • If you are a book lover and have plenty of books, you can make clever use of the trays. You are putting all the books on the shelves but the ones you are currently reading could be placed on the tray and be put by your bedside table and you can easily pick your books up.

  • If you have mini plants, you can place the mini planters on these trays side by side, You can place such four or, five trays full of plants in a room and at the corners, it would be such a nice refreshing look. The mini planters and the trays must be in sync with each other and should not clash.

  • You can put the trays in the child's room and put some art and craft supplies on those trays as well, it would be fun and would solve the organization issues as well. The placement of the craft supplies in one place would help in keeping things organized and it would be convenient too. Likewise, you can also put the handcrafted items made by your child on display on these trays.

Those were a couple of ideas that you might want to try in your home. The servicing trays can serve multiple purposes if you use them well. Get ready to experiment, remember when it comes to being creative the sky is the limit.