How to Give Your Home Decor an Instant Makeover?

Are you tired of your old home decor? Are you feeling that the decor you have now has become jaded, and is in desperate need of some make over? It does make sense to initiate some changes to the decor because with time the decor is bound to get old, unless you refresh it by making the right efforts, you would end up feeling bored.

Things can certainly get more fun when you change the current decor, however, this might also seem like a daunting prospect as makeovers can be really expensive. Even if monetary concern is not an issue, you might not be willing to spend time, effort that a home makeover project demands. But that does not mean you are going to have to deal with the old decor, no you can seriously make things work with the help of a little trick, and by getting the coolest home decor accessories online.

Here we have compiled some ideas that can help you give your home the quickest makeover, without putting you on a tight spot where you have to deal with any kind of mess. So, get ready to bypass the hard work, and get ready for an instant makeover.

Home Decor Makeover Ideas:


Every homeowner knows that your home decor can get way smarter when you use the right home decor accessories. However, unless you invest in timeless decor pieces, you would find that your decor accessories are getting dated. Trends keep on changing, so if you really want your house to look appealing you need to select the right decor accessories that are trending and are also fit for your home decor style. The right accessories can completely uplift your room, if you want to give your home an instant makeover. For example, choose some cool wall accessories for living room that can give the decor a refreshing twist. However, be careful with your selection as you do not want the decor accessories to clash with the wall colors or, the furniture style.

Bring Nature Home:

Nothing can refresh the look of the living room in an instant like the plants. Now, if you are living in an apartment and you are wondering how to include some greenery, then do not fret there are plenty of options available for you. Your decor can truly look amazing and fresh when you bring in some indoor plants. Do not feel worried, you have many options available. You can find plenty of indoor plants that you can choose for your apartment. Grab some hanging plants in your balcony, or, you can also have some in the living room in attractive planters. While exploring designer home accessories stores, pick some nice planters, and get ready to place then strategically in the cozy corners of the living room, or, in the dining room. You can also buy mini planters which you can put on the coffee table or, on the bookshelves.

Get Organized:

When your home is cluttered it becomes difficult for you to create a decor that is beautiful. Over the years your home has started looking cluttered despite your best efforts due to the constant addition to the household items. It is best to take a good look at the rooms and also calculate what are the items that you really need, and which ones should be bid a farewell. If you are attached to objects for sentimental purposes, then have a separate place for those and say goodbye to the rest. Buy smart organizers and floating wall shelves to organize your items in a smart manner. An organized home would certainly look more appealing.


This is a cool and cost-effective way to change the decor in your home, without having to go through any mess. If your home is looking drab, and you are not too intent on painting it anytime soon, then you must consider opting for some cool wallpapers. This way you can save money on paint, yet at the same time you can refresh the look of the room. Just make sure that you are selecting the right patterns and choosing the right color. For example, if you are selecting wallpapers for the living room, you should ensure these do not clash with the wall accessories for living room.


If you just change the furnishing, you can create a new look without wasting a whole lot of money. Change the curtains, change the cushion covers, also change your old rug. None of these would cost much, but the effect would be immediate and stunning. Also while getting furnishing, you should opt for material, texture, and color that will not clash with the designer home accessories that you have carefully placed around the room. For example, if you have simple white curtains, why don't you just replace these with something in luxurious colors like royal blue, or, magenta, may be rich purple. The idea here is to add a new dimension to your existing decor.


You can also change some of the lighting arrangements that you have in the rooms, to change the ambiance. Let in as much natural light as you can, and if necessary move your furniture pieces around to ensure that the light can enter the rooms and illuminate. As far as artificial lighting is concerned, you should consider changing the current layout that you have. In order to enhance the ambiance of a room, you should mix the lighting styles, and use track lighting, ambiance lighting as well as task lighting. You can change the ambiance with a beautiful chandelier. May be a floor lamp that you got your hands on during shopping for home decor accessories online, can be a great addition.

Hopefully these ideas would certainly help you give your home an instant makeover, that you have been planning for so long. None of these ideas would be too pricey to execute. Furthermore, you do not have to deal with issues like construction mess, so, get ready for a makeover with these tips.