How to Create a Designer Home Without a Designer?

Having a designer home is a cherished ambition of homeowners, we flip through pages of the magazines taking a look at the images of plush, luxurious decor which peek through every page and we yearn to have the exact same interior in our homes as well. But how can you emulate something which has been envisioned by professional interior designers? It is true, that having a professional design your home for you can truly add a new dimension. Wrong, you do not need a designer to create an awe-inspiring home, you can easily create a fabulous home the pictures of which are worth being posted on the social media platforms and boasting about. But how do you do it? With a couple of tricks, planning, and unique home decor accessories. Let's find out how it can be done.

Tips to Create a Designer Home:

  • The color is the first thing anyone notices upon entering a room, the color choices that you decided to opt for must be eye-catching and it should set the tone for the room. Step out of the ordinary and opt for plush colors, and choose colors for a room with much thought.  Do not paint every room randomly, no you should think of the whole house when you start deciding on the color theme. Instead of opting for matching colors, you should consider creating a contrast with the decor and furniture colors, the more striking the contrast is the better are your chances of exclusivity. Be careful about creating a jarring effect.

  • Remove clutter from the rooms, the home interior which gets featured in the magazine pages is spick and span and every element in the rooms is properly placed, there is no clutter in the rooms. In your house, you need to get rid of the clutter first, sort out the items you have, and include your furniture as well. If something does not make sense, or, does not have any usage then remove that. A clutter-free house is always beautiful to look at. Buy home accessories online, which would add some value to your decor, do not hoard meaningless junk in the house, let your rooms breathe.

  • You must be sure about the style that you want to display in your home. Is it traditional? Or, would you prefer contemporary? Your preference would play the key role here, if you want to create traditional decor then you must choose colors, rugs, and accessories, furniture accordingly. Every single item must represent the style you have chosen and should be in sync with the design. This synchronicity is essential for creating a stunning effect on the whole decor.

  • Every room must have a focal point and you need to play around with that with the rest of the elements. Make sure that your rooms do not have multiple focal points as that would be quite disconcerting and distracting as well. So, choose your focal point carefully, also do not forget to have statement home decor accessories, which can immediately add a special touch to the whole decor.

  • Be careful regarding your preference, do you believe in minimalism, or, are you a fan of opulence? Either way, you can create the most stunning decor, all you have to do is to be clear about your idea. The plushy decor would need stunning colors like plum, red, orange, teal, the furniture, decor accessories should scream opulence. You can find amazing designer home accessories which are elegant and exclusive but are thankfully affordable. On the other hand, a minimalistic approach demands meticulous attention to details. Creating a clean and neat, simple yet chic look with a handful of items could be tricky but fun nonetheless. You can find plenty of inspiration online.

Now that you have the ideas to encourage you, gear up to create that beautiful space that demands attention and praise from the guests. You do not need a designer, you just need patience, creativity, and the right vision to start.