How to Clean Ceramic Crockery? An Extensive Guide!

Ceramic crockery is a big hit in most kitchens, you might have been to houses where you were served with yummy food on ceramic plates, or, have been entertained with steaming coffee or, tea in an adorable ceramic mug, and you must have thought wistfully at some point that you too should get it for your kitchen and have probably bought ceramic crockery online.

Well, along with being versatile, these are great for cooking, serving and the ceramic crockery is also non-sticky. One of the biggest benefits is the ceramic crockery is also very easy to clean, the smooth texture of the surface remains free from annoying spots, and food odor as well.  But, that does not mean you can easily put it into the dishwasher and get it cleaned just like other utensils. No, the ceramic crockery is easy to clean but, should not be cleaned carelessly. Here is a guide that might help.

The best way to clean ceramic crockery:

  • Whether you have bought ceramic crockery plates online, or, quirky coffee mugs online, you need to understand that these should not be put into the dishwasher. You need to wash these dishes by hand. After purchasing you should check the packaging for cleaning instructions, if there are any then you have to follow that guideline accordingly. In the absence of that, you should stick to hand washing these dishes.

  • Even if you use ceramic cookware, there is no chance of there being food remains sticking to the surface or, even lingering food odor for that matter. So, there is no need for hardcore cleaning, ceramic cookware also does not get burned easily, as the surface is non-sticky, but always apply oil to prevent burning.

  • If you are cleaning ceramic cookware, then do not put the hot dish in the water. For example, if you are using a ceramic pan then after taking it off the heat, you should wait for some time until it completely cools off.

  • If there is a burn then pour warm water and mix some baking soda or, vinegar. Let it soak for a couple of hours and then gently clean the surface using a soft cloth. You can also use some vinegar on the burnt spot and leave it for a couple of hours. Do not rub the surface with abrasive material, it would damage the surface.

  • If you buy snacks bowls set, the ceramic ones, you can easily clean those with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Just rinse the bowls thoroughly making sure there are no food particles, before soaking the bowls in the mix of warm water and the dishwashing liquid, use a soft sponge to clean the bowls. Do not use anything abrasive, also stay away from steel, nylon or, any kind of metal versions. Any rough material or, movement would cause tiny cracks to appear on the surface.

  • Once the cleaning is done you should use a dishtowel to dry the crockery, or, you might also let these get air-dried.

  • Use a mild dishwashing liquid and the temperature of the water should be warm not scalding hot.

Your ceramic crockery is special, so take special care of it. Cleaning the ceramic crockery is not difficult just be mild about it, keep the above guideline in mind while cleaning to keep the crockery in good condition.