How to Add Pops of Color to Your Home Decor This Monsoon?

The monsoon season is one of the most beautiful seasons, the rhythm of the rain is so blissful. You enjoy the sound of the raindrops hitting your windows, walking in the rain surrounded by lush greenery with the sky in varying shades of slate and black setting the backdrop. This is no doubt is a romantic ambiance, and poetic as well, this is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. However, it is also true that the home starts to look a little dull and boring, as there is not much natural light available and when the outside is so cloudy, your eyes seek some colors. You can definitely refresh your home, by adding some pops of colors to keep the dullness away and enjoy the monsoon with style. We have put together some colorful unique home decor ideas here that are bound to help.

Tips to Add Pops of Color to Your Home Decor:

Turn to nature:

Nothing can help you keep things colorful and fresh like the plants. Yes, bring in the beautiful plants in, whether you are a big fan of them or, not, you have to admit that having these plants in the home can be so much better for your home environment. You would find a number of pretty options in your local nursery and they can suggest the right plants for your house. You can buy hanging ones for the balcony and have some Ferns, or, even Peace Lily in your living room. The fresh green color they bring in is going to uplift your mood, and you can also get some colorful and quirky planters from your designer home accessories store to keep things interesting. You might also have colorful vases all around the house and plant colorful, fresh flowers every day!

Colorful furnishing!

You can definitely add the color to your space with the help of the colorful furniture pieces and also with your curtains and other items. Grab colorful beanbags, stools for the living room, and you can also get some colorful cushions for the chairs. But keep in mind the style of the furniture before adding cushions. For example, if you have a sofa in neutral color then you should definitely find some throw pillows, some colorful cushion covers for them. The curtains should not be monotonous, keeping the color scheme in mind opt for some colorful curtains for the room. Colors like purple, royal blue, even magenta would be great. Add colors to the floor with colorful rugs. Try these unique home decor ideas to bring color to your rooms.

Home accessories:

Nothing can add more color to your home decor than the beautiful accessories. While buying wall accessories for living room, make sure that you are opting for the ones which have vibrant colors. Be it some wall art, or, the curtain accessories, vases, or, even scented candles in lovely colors you can certainly keep things interesting. The candles would keep the rooms smelling fresh and colorful at the same time! You can also buy colorful tea light candle holders, colorful landscapes if you are a lover of art paintings, colorful small sculptures, all of them can be quite a delight for your rooms.

Color the walls:

The walls should not be allowed to remain neutral when there could be colors. You can certainly expect your walls to have some color and, if you are interested then you should try the DIY approach. Get ready to paint one side of the wall in a bright yellow, lime green, or, even electric blue color. It would be so much better. But if you do not want to go through the hassles of wall painting, you should go for the colorful wall papers that can completely change the look, along with being available in bright colors, these also come in lovely patterns. Explore the designer home accessories store, to find some colorful wall stickers.

Colorful crockery:

Do not forget the dining and kitchen area and the best way to bring color to these places is with crockery. You can have a colorful selection of crockery and serving platters along with ceramic plates in varying colors to keep things interesting. Also grab colorful coffee mugs and tea sets, coasters. Do not forget to have tablemats in bright hues and lovely patterns. You mood is definitely going to stay cheerful despite the dullness outside. Also while looking for wall accessories for living room, you should check out wall accessories for the dining area as well.

Those were some unique home decor recommendations that we have for you here that are going to help you add pops of color to your home decor. Do try these out.