Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Snacks Bowls Set

For any foodie the snack time is a very special segment in a day which allows him to binge on the most savory but unhealthy food items, this results in the inevitable consequence of putting on extra calories and ending up attracting all sorts of health issues. The best snacks usually are laden with oils, spices and all the elements that your taste buds say yes to, but your health does not. But do we listen? We kind of look forward to the snack time with the resolution to feast on the tasty snacks. Especially when you have guests at your place your choice of snacks become even more questionable?

So, what are you going to do? Put a stop to the snack session? Buy you buy snacks bowls set just for making the snack time even more colorful, well, you can use these bowls to serve some healthy versions of snacks which would be equally tasty and healthy. We have some mouth watering ideas listed here, so stop scratching your head and start learning about the healthy snacks.

Fill up Your Snack Bowls Set With These Healthy Snacks:

  • Salad: A salad is undoubtedly the most healthiest snack out there. No matter which manner you prepare and serve it. For your snack time you can easily opt for some healthy fruit salad which would be perfect for the snack time, just chop up your favorite fruits and sprinkle some seeds and top it off with homemade yogurt, you can also add a dollop of cream if you want to for making it more delicious. You can also try a different approach and squeeze in some lime juice on top of the fruits and sprinkle some chaat masala. Either way you will have guests loving it.

  • Assorted nuts: Nothing can be more appetizing, nutritious and at the same time good for your overall health than the nuts. From almonds to walnuts, you have plenty of choices available, but just make sure that no one is allergic to the nuts and people consuming the nuts are ok with it. You can simply take the snack bowls set and serve different nuts and may be you can also buy designer serving platters online and use these platters to serve the nuts. You can also relish some on your own snack time, choose the ones that are low on calorie yet are filling enough to keep your unhealthy cravings at bay.

  • Poha: Another loved, appreciated but for some reason understated items on this list is the humble poha. The simple to prepare yet, absolutely delicious item can be so amazing for the snack time, you can certainly pack a punch and have the most amazing snack time while enjoying your bowl of fiber and vitamins filled poha watching your favorite web series.

  • Corn chaat: Yes, any kind of chaat is always on our wish list as the chaat is the most mouthwatering item to have during the snack time, but a chaat can be healthy as well. Just throw in some boiled corn with onions, chillies, some freshly chopped tomatoes, and some tamarind chutney. Your snack time is going to transform into a moment of pure bliss.

  • Grilled vegetables with hummus:  The hummus is yummy and when you serve this creamy delight with assorted grilled vegetables you get the conversation ball rolling and set the mood for a fantastic session with friends. Do not forget to serve some hot beverage as well after all, you have bought some amazing tea and coffee sets online, this should be the perfect occasion to show these off.

If you are already salivating then great, your next snack session would be yummy and healthy, the above-mentioned ones can be great but you can tweak and experiment with something on your own as well, be creative and keep things interesting.

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