Get Your Serving Trays Ready to Serve These 5 Easy But Yummy Dishes

It really feels amazing to cook delicacies for the loved ones and also for the guests who we love to invite to our beautiful homes. Now that the monsoon is here it is also the time to cook some amazing comfort food and have fun digging in. But not always are we in the mood to cook, after all cooking sometimes could be a hassle especially when we have to prepare for the guests. We have to make a list of the dishes that we want to serve and we also need to find out what kind of dishes are going to be there and how to prepare each and serve.

The presentation of each matters above everything else, so buy ceramic crockery online that would be colorful and make the whole presentation more appealing. Also get some amazing serving trays ready, but not always you have to toil to prepare something yummy.  We have some easy ideas here for you which are super easy to prepare yet, super yummy and loved by all.

5 Easy But Yummy Dishes for Your Serving Platters:

Pasta: If you are thinking about comfort food that is yummy and does not take a lot of hassles consider opting for the pasta. The Italian staple is popular across the globe, and for good reason as well. The variation of pasta could be overwhelmingly delightful because you can be versatile with your dishes. You can choose Penne, or, Ravioli, anything that you love, and start preparing your yummiest dishes. You can prepare the creamiest version or, could make it even more spicier. If you do not want to toil making the paste, then you should consider buying a pasta sauce from the market, and surprising your guests. Whether you are making something with the Bolognese sauce, or, serving it up with mushroom, everyone would enjoy it.

Lemon Rice: The lemon rice could be another comfort food, that does not involve any hassle but could be the game changer. When it is raining outside and you feel like having something that is a little tangy and on the spicier side but would be super easy to prepare, lemon rise would fit in. Any rice dish is always filling and also lifts up mood like nothing else. Now you have a dish here which is full of flavor and texture and not to mention the amazing aroma and color of the dish. The dash of the curry leaves, mustard, lemon juice and crunchy peanut can be overwhelmingly appetizing. Serve this hot but before you serve, make sure that you have a trivet to save your table. If you do not have it already then you must buy trivet online.

Chicken salad: Food can be yummy and at the same time healthy and if you are one of those people who prefer this combo then you should consider preparing the chicken salad. This is such a versatile dish, you can have your own version of the dish and change the combo of other elements to ensure that you are absolutely comfortable with the flavor and the texture of the dish. You can start with cooked chicken and throw in the elements you love and finish off with mayonnaise and lemon juice.

Paneer bhurji: If anything gets made real easy and real quick yet make your mouth water then that would be the paneer bhurji. It is easy to find paneer and you can also stock up on some, most importantly if you are really into cooking you can also learn to make your own paneer. Now what you need to do for the dish would be to crumble the paneer and throw in tomatos, onions, garlic, chillies and spices and you have the best paneer bhurji ready.

Upma: If you love the simple food items that can fill your mouth with flavors then, you have to fall in love with the Upma. The rava is always present in the kitchen pantry, so, if you are craving for something swift and tasty turn to upma. Now, the procedure is so simple that you do not have to worry, roast the rava and throw in spices and herbs to ensure that every flavor is mixing with the rava to make it tantalizingly appetizing.

So, now you have not just one but 5 amazing dishes that you can serve in a jiffy and you do not have to worry about spending hours in the kitchen. You can whip up these dishes and have fun digging in.

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