Five Amazing Caffeine Treats for Your Quirky Coffee Mugs

Are you a coffee lover? Does your ideal hang out place list has mostly coffee shops? If you are going to answer both the questions with a resounding yes while holding a steaming mug of coffee, then you are a certified coffee fanatic or, lover, choose whichever term suits you. There is nothing like having the perfect sip of coffee as you enjoy a lazy conversation with friends, or, wrap your blanket around and sit down with a good book. We love our coffee, and it feels so great to experiment with coffee recipes, and try something different to fall in love with our favorite beverage once more. Here we have complied 5 caffeine delights, which are tried, tested, appreciated, and universally loved that would be perfect for you. Even if you are not a big fan of the coffee, and would much rather enjoy your tea, these caffeine treats would appeal to your heart no doubt! However, do not forget to grab some quirky coffee mugs online, to ensure that you are making the presentation interesting.  Without any further ado, let's delve right in!

Caffeine Treats for Your Quirky Coffee Mugs:


A pretty cup of cappuccino would be such a delight to have any time of the day. This caffeine treat having originated in Italy has won hearts worldwide. How can you not feel tempted when a cup of this frothy caffeine delight is set of the table, with a plate full of yummy cookies? Now the magic of this recipe lies in concocting a magical drink by combining double espresso, along with milk and not just your plain milk, steamed milk must be added and also the froth. Now that is how you prepare you cappuccino, but there are variations, like instead of the milk, cream is also used and with stunning results! However, the secret lies in using equal parts of all of these ingredients, and for that special effect you can add some cinnamon on top! But do not forget the plate of cookies, and keeping mind the aesthetics buy exclusive crockery plates online.


Your taste buds are in for a treat, when you have a cup of mocha. Yes, this caffeine delight is going to soothe your soul with every single sip. It is the ultimate blend of luxury and desire. If you are feeling confused, then do not be so, a mocha coffee drink is all about blending coffee, milk and chocolate syrup to concoct a heavenly beverage. If you have just bought quirky coffee mugs online, then take out those mugs and fill up with mocha and invite friends.  The mocha is a favorite caffeine version that does not give you too much work, You just mix your regular coffee with milk, chocolate syrup, or, cocoa powder. Now you can be as indulgent with your concoction as you want to be and throw in some whipped cream on top. The best part about this drink, is that you do not have to serve it hot, it also comes with its own iced version. Just fill a glass with the iced mocha and you are going to have a blast. You can also settle for some cool ceramic mugs if you like, you can find some amazing ceramic crockery online these days.


You have heard it so many times! A latte is again a favorite version of the coffee that is popular among those who prefer the rich, creamy taste of milk along with their coffee beans. If you loved your cappuccino then you would love your latte as well. These two drinks are somewhat similar, and both have espresso and steamed milk concoction at the very root, but their difference lies in the ratio of these ingredients. In a latte, the milk gets the upper hand or, to be precise is used in a  bigger quantity than the espresso and that makes the difference in taste. The concoction that you get is a yummy, milky version of your coffee. If you love aromatic coffee and some extra burst of flavors then you can add some syrups, or, some cinnamon powder on top.

Turkish coffee

This treat is not for everyone, because this is a strong coffee. If you do not like your coffee too strong, then you might not like this. But, any coffee lover should have a sip of this dark coffee. It requires a cezve to brew this caffeine treat, and also while shopping for ceramic crockery online, grab some exotic coffee cups that are worth serving this Turkish delight in. It is basically made from ground coffee, and the grinding has to be really good. Now the recipe is not complex and does not require much, basically what you put in a regular coffee, coffee grounds, water and sugar to taste. But it is also frothed, and that lends a distinct taste. You can have it according to your preference.

Iced coffee

This is going to be the delight everyone loves, especially during those hot summer months that do not allow you to enjoy your caffeine. You can easily enjoy a sip of the iced coffee and have a blast. You are going to have a lot of fun preparing it, and serving it. Just make sure you have beautiful tall glasses that would be perfect for serving this delight. You just need regular coffee that you prepare, then add iced cubes in the glass, and then in goes your coffee, milk, sugar. Now you can stop at this and have the regular version of the iced coffee, or, you can also take further steps to make it peppy. Add some chocolate syrup, add cream, and you can also used crushed chocolate on top. The choice is yours, but serve some yummy desserts alongside. Look for unique dessert plates while shopping for crockery plates online.

Those were your five caffeine  treats, that you are going to love preparing, serving as well as sipping yourself. So, what are you waiting for, get ready to serve the caffeine delights, and buy some amazing quirky coffee mugs online.