Fill Up Your Serving Platters With These 5 Yummy Chocolate Desserts

Food is that one element that binds us all, whether it is about sustaining ourselves through regular meals, or, entertaining guests with delectable dishes, food is something we always cherish. Especially when it comes to desserts then nothing can stop us from salivating and savoring the delicate pieces of desserts that are filled with the exotic ingredients. If we are discussing desserts then we cannot forget to mention the universally favorite ingredient that people with or, without sweet tooth equally love. Yes, you have guessed it right, we are talking about chocolate and we have dedicated this discussion to bring up some popular desserts that are made from this darkly delicious  ingredient. If you have a party coming up, then get ready to prepare these five chocolate desserts that would be just right for your snacks serving set.

5 Yummy Chocolate Desserts for Your Serving Platters:     

Chocolate Chip Cookies:

There cannot be any debate regarding the popularity of the chocolate chip cookies. These are basically the cookies that you can easily make and you can serve with tea, coffee, and even with milkshakes. The popularity of these cookies make these a must-have item on your list as you get down to think what chocolate dessert to serve next. The chocolate chip cookie is basically a drop cookie that is dotted with chunks of chocolate. Now there are many variations of this cookie that can be found, you can bake yourself and you can also grab them from your local bakery. There are double chocolate chip cookies, you can also get its vegan version, the white chocolate version, the chocolate oatmeal version, or, opt for chocolate chip cookies that have peanut butter. You do not need many ingredients, just all-purpose flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, butter, eggs, these ingredients are almost always in your kitchen, just do not forget the delicious chocolate chips. Buy beautiful ceramic dessert plates while shopping for ceramic crockery online for serving these.

Chocolate Brownies:

Another delight that can instantly make the guests happy. The chocolate brownie is that dessert that can be served as snacks as well, especially for guests who love to gorge on sweets. This square shaped desserts are just right for your coffee time as well, if you have just bought cool coffee mugs online, and planning on having your friends over a cup of steaming coffee then you must serve these brownies along too. The best part about these brownies is that these are absolutely fuss-free desserts that are super easy to bake, and in fact, you can also find some chocolate brownie recipes that do not need baking at all! These delightful chocolate squares are the perfect servings for your snacks serving set. The crispy surface and the moistness that you bite into make you feel so happy. There are many variations available, you can make some from almond flour, or, have a bittersweet version if your guests are open to experimentation, also you can throw in some nuts if no one is allergic to them.

Chocolate Cupcakes:

Now cupcakes are those dainty delights that we cannot say no to. These are the most aesthetically  delightful desserts ever made. So, when you have chocolate as the main ingredient for these cupcakes, the sky can be your limit. You can bake beautiful and yummy chocolate cupcakes that can be delightful companions for the tea that you serve during a tea party. You can yourself enjoy a hot cup of coffee with a beautiful ceramic dessert plate filled with cupcakes on a rainy evening as you sit down with a book. The cupcakes can be a delight for you, especially when you have intriguing frosting ideas.  Whether you are baking vegan cupcakes, or, may be really moist cupcakes , you should make the frosting delightful. You can try buttercream frosting, the vanilla variation, or, may be some strawberry inspired frosting.  No matter what you bake, buy some equally delightful dessert serving platters as you buy ceramic crockery online.

Chocolate Cakes:

This is definitely a no-brainer that a chocolate cake which is definitely at the top of all dessert lovers' list, would be listed here too. No dessert list can be complete without a scrumptious mention of a chocolate cake.  You can bake a basic chocolate cake and earn praises from the guests, as they will just simply love the piece you serve them. This happens to be also one of the most easy to bake desserts, and at the same time it could also be the dessert that can have many variations. You can prepare a chocolate cheesecake by combining other ingredients. You can bake a white chocolate cake, a lava cake, bake a chocolate cake with almonds and other nuts, again learn if anybody is allergic to nuts before baking it for a party.  An upside down chocolate cake can be a delight, so would a chocolate chiffon cake which can earn you many praises.

Chocolate Truffles:

If you are considering some light and fun chocolate desserts then you must consider having some chocolate truffles. These are delightful for the kids as well, and the adults cannot simply keep their hands off of the truffles. These lumps of chocolate balls can be delightful while enjoying a great cup of coffee. A heavenly concoction of  heavy cream and chocolate can be so tempting for you. The fun with chocolate truffles which are named after the mushroom, is that you can experiment with the shapes and also the fillings.  You can have dark chocolate truffles, or stunningly pretty white chocolate truffles. With white chocolate you can have coconut filling, or, many be you can make regular chocolate truffles with raspberry, strawberry, mint, orange, or, even cream cheese. Just have fun making them! Buy some great dessert plates, and some unique coffee mugs online to make the presentation appealing as well.

These are the five amazing chocolate desserts that are universally favorite, and also are tried and tested recipes.  Grab your snacks serving set, and get ready to serve these amazingly delicious chocolate desserts.