Fill up Your Ceramic Crockery Plates with These 6 Exotic Rice Delicacies

Food is that one element that brings people together whether during every mealtime or when friends come over for a visit, or when you feel like celebrating a special event. Now, whenever there is a meal or, a feast the question that hangs in the air is what is on the menu? You can come up with any variety you like, but nothing can beat the popularity of a rice delicacy. Rice is not only a staple food item, but its versatility is also appealing, you can rustle up a rice dish so easily and entertain your guests. So, here are 6 exotic rice delicacies that would be much appreciated by your family and friends, just grab some beautiful ceramic crockery plates online and serve.

6 Exotic Rice Delicacies to Serve on Ceramic Crockery Plates:

  1. Biryani: One of the most exotic rice dishes, something that has been winning hearts for centuries. The heavenly blend of rice, meat, and aromatic spices uplifts the spirit and gives your taste buds a real treat. Biryani has many versions, from the Lucknowi Biryani to the Hyderabadi biryani, or, Tahari Biryani, Calcutta Biryani, and many more, each variation is to die for. Cook up the one that you prefer and get ready to be flooded by praise. If your guest list consists of vegetarian friends you can still come up with a vegetarian version for them, why should they not be able to sample the heavenly flavors?

  2. Risotto: Whether you are a food connoisseur or, not, you cannot just deny the appeal of the Italian flavors. The creamy rich Risotto is perfect for a cozy dinner and also for impressing your guests with your culinary skill. Unlike other conventional rice dishes where the grains are firm and do not stick to each other at all, the Risotto is more on the mushy side. The creamy combination of arborio rice and broth with herbs thrown in for enhancing the flavor might also turn into your comfort food. Again you can opt for any variation but Mushroom Risotto would be quite the hit. Buy colorful ceramic crockery online and present your Risotto in style.

  3. Lemon Rice: Let's head south to sprinkle some southern flavors on your next rice delicacy. The simple yet powerful Lemon Rice would be a great meal for any occasion. The recipe is simple to prepare yet, it is absolutely blissful to taste. The blend of curry leaves, turmeric, tangy lemon juice, and the crunch of peanuts is going to earn nothing but appreciation from the guests. Especially in the hot and humid summer months, there can never be a better rice treat than this. It's light, it's delicious and the perfect dish to be served for lunch or dinner.

  4. Pulao: If you love the aromatic flavor of spices then nothing can beat the aroma that wafts from a well-cooked Pulao. If you love your flavors to be a fine combination of spices yet be subtle then Pulao should be your go-to dish. The rice gets mixed with the nuts, ghee, saffron, cardamom, and other spices and cooked to perfection. You can add vegetables and come up with a vegetable Pulao recipe, on the other hand, you can opt for the Bengali version of Pulao which is a little high on sweet. Perfect for a celebration.

  5. Sambar rice: Another southern delight to serve and impress the guests. It is a complete meal in itself and the nutritional value is quite high as well. You are already in love with the Sambar and its exotic flavors, now in this dish you bring together rice with lentils along with vegetables and the secret ingredient would add a new dimension which is the Sambar spice mix. The recipe is easy to prepare and it does not take a lot of time as well.

  6. Schezwan Fried Rice: The fried rice has a ubiquitous presence in our lives and there is no way you can ignore it, as it can be rustled up pretty easily whenever you have to entertain guests at a short notice, now like most rice dishes it also comes with variations of its own, and its versatility make it an ideal item on any menu. The Schezwan fried rice would be a great option to try out for the dinner. The spicy concoction the rice gets coated with is yummy and tempting and the vegetables or, meat that you prefer to add would only enhance the appeal. Let the Schezwan sauce work its magic.

Try these exotic rice dishes and impress your guests. These are also perfect for a cozy family dinner as well. No matter what you prepare, buy designer serving platters online to serve your delicacies in style. Good food deserves great presentation.