Enjoy Monsoon Evenings With Serving Platter Full of Spicy Fritters

The monsoon season is here and now it is our turn to enjoy the showers that descend so graciously to cool off the excessive heat that the summer threw us in. Just imagine enjoying an evening with heavy showers pouring down, this should be the ideal time to enjoy a steaming cup of tea or, coffee and nothing can be more delicious than a platter full of yummy fritters. These are pretty easy to prepare and not to mention, simply mouth-watering. Unlike other delicacies, these fritters are the easiest to prepare and everyone just loves it.  What are you waiting for? Just buy serving platters online, make sure these are stylish, prepare spicy fritters,  and serve these along-side of yummy dips and get ready for spiciest gossips. Here are some spicy fritter ideas that you would love.

Spicy Fritters for Your Serving Platters:

  • Potato fritters: The ubiquitous snack that is super easy to make and most importantly, is absolutely a delight and everybody loves it. This would be the perfect snack to serve with a steaming cup of tea. The ingredients are super easy to find, as everything would be in your pantry. So, just grate the potatoes and mix this with besan, chopped green chilies, chopped onions, chopped coriander, you can add eggs if you like, salt and pepper to taste, and there you have it. Fry these golden delights and serve hot.

  • Corn fritters: You can give your fritters a healthy twist with baby corn. Now you can give this recipe your own twist, but you can easily start off by marinating the baby corns with lemon juice, and some salt. You can also throw in some pepper and soy sauce if you like. Now prepare a batter of corn flour with eggs, ginger and garlic paste and dip your baby corns and fry. It would be better if you just cut these into cube sized pieces.  Just get some quirky coffee mugs online to make the serving perfect for your guests.

  • The Coriander version: Yes, this is a fritter which is ideal not just for the monsoon season but also during the chilly winter evenings as well. You just need fresh coriander leaves for this recipe, clean and wash the leaves and chop these really well then add some green chilies chopped, add some chopped tomatoes, onions to the equation and prepare a mix with besan, adding salt to taste and pepper or red chili powder and this will result in a delicious mix that need to be deep fried. Just serve hot in your serving platters.

  • Cauliflower fritters: An amazing choice for the fritters and quite popular as well. Just separate the florets and boil them with a little salt. Next, take besan and put red chili powder, onions, chopped green chilies, a little lemon juice, salt to taste and garam masala powder and prepare the perfect batter for dipping and coating the cauliflower florets. You need to deep fry these and serve hot.

  • Paneer fritters: One of the most amazing items in this list of fritters would be the paneer fritters. Now paneer is again an easily available item, so, there is no need to worry. The paneer fritters are again easy to make as the main ingredient on this list does not require a lot of preparation. So, just take paneer cubes and mix these with some red chili powder, garam masala powder, you can also throw in kasuri methi, or, chaat masala as per your preference and adding salt mix well. Next dip these cubes into a batter of besan, egg, salt and pepper and fry. Make sure that the batter is a little thicker and is coating the paneer cubes well.

Now you have not just one but 5 amazing and easy to make fritters for the monsoon evenings, just pick any or, make an assortment of fritters if you have guests to entertain and serve with hot beverages and watch your rainy evenings transform into something magical. As presentation matters a lot, you should buy designer serving platters online, for serving these hot and yummy fritters.