Do You Know About These Different Home Decor Styles?

When we walk into a beautifully decorated home we do feel awed by the beautifully done up rooms, and wonder what creative inspiration has shaped the decor. However, when it comes to decorate our own homes, we either hire an interior decorator or, we go the DYI way. Things can be seriously challenging when you have no prior idea before venturing into this zone. When it comes to home decoration you must have a clear and concise idea regarding the style that you want to resort to. Things can be simplistic, or, lavish, contemporary or, traditional, but you must have the right ideas regarding each style, before you begin. It would help you select different elements and also while shopping for home accessories online, you could be aware of what to pick. So, let's find out here.

Home Decor Styles: What to Know?


There is no denying the everlasting appeal of the traditional home decor style. From furniture pieces to decor items everything would be giving you the classic vibe. Large furniture especially large sofas , traditional lighting fixtures mark this style, with the usage of neutral colors, white, cream, beige being the popular choices in colors. The floral, stripes mostly would dominate the theme. The combination of neutral shades with earthy colors, brown shades create a contrast. The usage of antique decor items is notable, and especially the paintings and other wall accessories for living room would too be reflecting the same aura. The oil paintings, landscapes would mostly adorn the walls.


The contemporary style is more relaxed and it is something that is easy to incorporate. If you prefer a more relaxed style to decorate your home the contemporary is the way to go for you. Instead of looking for pieces that belong to a certain era or, style, you can pick up what is trending when you shop for the furniture or, home accessories online. However, the trends change so you would need to keep up with that. The contemporary style puts a lot of stress on the usage of natural light. From the lighting fixtures to the other items, should be in this vein, even you buy crockery plates online that too should bear the current trend in terms of shape and theme. Furthermore, when it comes to the color schemes, the neutrals are there but you should also expect a lot of interplay between black and white. The furnishing including your cushion covers, rugs will be textured.


The minimalism has been the talk of the town of late, with even some celebrities taking the minimalistic route, and projecting it through their lifestyle, it is hard not to take note of it. The minimalism is a concept that centers round the idea of simplifying our lives and keeping the clutter away. The focus is not getting your hands on ornate designs or, exclusive items, it is about those essential items that you cannot do without. It is elegant, and absolutely simple, there is nothing for the purpose of decor. The essential furniture units, a bookcase if you are a bookworm, and only items which are functional would be in a room.  Materials like glass, steel are mostly used, and there is not much variety available in terms of color. Mostly grey or, white would be there for your rooms.


This is invariably one of the coolest styles out there that you are going to love. It does not follow any kind of decor rules, and that is what makes it so different, You decorate your home with elements that you love, prefer, or, feel comfortable and there is no adherence to any particular style for selecting the wall accessories for living room . It is an unconventional style that allows you to experiment with color, texture, shape as you go on selecting items for your home. You can be relaxed as you enter this zone, if you love loud, bold colors then go for it, you can choose the vibrant orange, green, purple, blue shades or, you can stick to earthy shades. Keep the color neutral and add pops of color through furniture. It is upto you. For furniture, you can choose anything from vintage to contemporary styles, even you can pick up something quirky, you can do the same while shopping for buy crockery plates online. The accessories and lighting fixtures too could be versatile, if you have any family treasures then this style allows you to incorporate that beautifully in the design.


The complete opposite of the minimalistic style is the Maximalism. This is ideal for those who want to embrace a lavish style to do up their homes. Be it the colors, decor elements, or furnishing, you can be as lavish as you want to be. You can create the most luxurious rooms ever, with rich. plush colors that scream luxury. You can be as indulgent as you want to be with furniture, and do not forget to pick some exclusive, designer home accessories online. From lighting to the mirror on your wall, look for statement pieces that can not only amp up the luxurious vibe but also turn heads. Furthermore, you can also blend styles here but making sure that it creates a symmetry.

Those were a couple of popular home decor styles we discussed here. There are more, and it is upto you to find what style suits you best, do you prefer a relaxed, care-free decor style, or, do you veer towards tradition? Figure out and start decorating.