Colors that click! 5 cool color ideas for your living room

Color happens to be one of the crucial elements of design for any home, if you neglect it or, take it for granted then that can hamper your overall design and make it an eyesore. You must plan the color scheme of the entire house and ensure that you come up with a unique color scheme for each.

Your living room especially deserves special attention in this regard. This is a place where you entertain guests and you also have cozy chats with the family members and watch TV or, play indoor games. All in all, this is a pretty important place for you to neglect, so if you are considering coloring your living room, you must use a color that not only makes your living room cozy and inviting but, also snazzy.

Let's check out cool color ideas for the summers then you should try them out. Here we have listed 5 colors that would uplift your living room, just do not forget to adorn the walls with the right wall accessories for living room.

5 cool colors for living room:

  • Blue: The color blue is one of the trendiest colors that can rock your living room. Blue as a color is very calming and soothing for the eyes and the soul. It could be a stylish color that can breathe life into a room in an instant. However, you just need to pay attention to the shade that you are choosing for the living room decor, if your living room is small then do not opt for cool shades which can be uninviting. Opt for warm shades that brighten up space, shades like royal blue would be perfect as it would make the place a lot more inviting and elegant.

  • Green:  Another color that could spruce up any living room would be the color green. The harmonious vibe of the color makes it an ideal choice for the living room walls. Just like blue you also need to be picky regarding the shade of the color for your walls. You can opt for a shade like mint green, or, subtle pastel shades that can lend an elegant look. While buying designer home accessories, make sure you are selecting wall hangings or, other accessories that contrast well with the shade you have opted for. Let white dominate the curtains and the furniture layout.

  • Black: It is time for some drama and which color can give you the scope to be dramatic more than black? You just have to ensure that you are creating the best ambiance with the right black shade. This is a bold color to choose for the room, this is not something everybody does, and when you do opt for it you must do justice to the color. The lighting arrangement in a living room would play a significant role, let the natural light come in and place the light fixture to pay up the drama that black promises. Do not forget to add pops of color with the right accessories, but go a little muted than loud.

  • Orange: You might be raising your eyebrows at the suggestion, but relax.  A lovely shade of orange can lend that plush look to your living room decor, if you are trying to create a vintage appeal then settle for a muted version of the color. This is again a color that contrasts well with cream. With the right light fixtures and strategic placement, you can create an ambiance that is not only regal but inviting and happy at the same time. When you walk into the living room, you feel the vibrant energy that immediately puts you and your guests in a good mood.

  • Purple:  A cozy choice no doubt and yes you would agree too! The purple color gives off such a luxurious vibe that gives your living room an edge. Shades always matter no matter which color you choose, so if you have plenty of natural light coming into the room, then you should consider going for the dark purple shade. The ideal effect would be created when you combine this with a lighter shade such as lavender. Visualize before you begin and choose a small area to test what the effects would be like. Settle for velvet throw pillows and cushions for the room.

Those were the 5 colors for the living room which are bound to rock the living room decor. You can also go beyond this list and combine colors or, shades for creating a beautiful look. Do not forget to choose unique home decor accessories, for the room.