Are You Aware of These 5 Home Decor Mistakes?

Interior decoration is anything but simple, things can only fall in place if only you plan things in advance and according to the specific layout of your place. Now there is no dearth of home decor ideas, you can easily find something in the magazines you subscribe to, these ideas would fill you up with inspirations no doubt, and you can tweak the ideas a little as well. You can easily create the house of your desire, but for that to happen you must learn about the mistakes which you should avoid to ensure your design is absolutely flawless and is an absolute delight. Here we have put together a list of mistakes that you should never make, check these out to build the perfect plan.

5 Home Decor Mistakes You Must Never Make:

  1. Do not get the color scheme wrong. Most homeowners do not pay much attention to the planning which is required to make the colors complement your walls and the unique home decor accessories that you have gathered so diligently. Do not rush to select the color in advance, make sure you have got the grasp of the dominant theme of the furniture and the accessories that you have chosen. Do not settle for single color like white, beige to dominate the entire household. It would be monotonous and absolutely boring. Instead of the same shades, you should experiment with the colors.

  2. Never crowd a room with furniture, whether it is the bedroom or, the living room. Each and every room must have its fair share of furniture but, the number, size, and shape of the furniture pieces that you choose should be proportionate to the size of the room. In a living room where the entire family gathers make sure that you have sufficient seating arrangement but do not cram the room with too many items. Have some select pieces of wall accessories for the living room, and you are sorted.

  3. Do not decorate your house or, specific rooms around a specific theme. This would only make it difficult to decorate the rooms. You will have to arrange the decor pieces, furniture, curtains everything according to the theme and, after a while, you might not even like the decor. The decor trends keep on changing and if you can keep things neutral then you can easily keep up with the trend, so try not sticking to a theme.

  4. Not having proper lighting arrangements in the rooms is another huge mistake. Proper lighting arrangements can actually transform a room. A small room can brighten up if there is enough room, consider having recessed lighting to uplift your rooms. You must also ensure that there is scope for the natural light to do its magic. You should also include floor lamps, as well as pendant lighting, and also look for exclusive pieces of items like this Mushroom Pendant Lamp.

  5. Getting short curtains and a small area rug is another mistake you should avoid. If you are too intent on having an area rug that is short, it would not serve its purpose and would look irritating. The rug must be adequately large enough to hold the furniture pieces. The curtains should be long enough, when your curtains are floor-length these add a new dimension to the whole room while choosing the fabric play with color and texture. You can also spice up the curtains with accessories like Space it Up Curtain String Ties.

Keep the above-mentioned pointers in mind if you truly want to create a flawless beautiful home. Do not forget to get stylish designer home accessories. Do not forget to experiment with style and ideas!