7 Useful and Trendy Wall Accessories for The Living Room

The living room is the most comfortable place in the home where people meet and they welcome guests and invite friends to have a cozy chat. So, the living room decor needs to be unique. Just because it is a place to meet and greet people, that does not mean you can stuff up the place with decor accessories that you have hoarded over the years.

The walls of the living room are important, these walls should be thoughtfully decorated, and this is where most homeowners make the biggest mistake of either doing too much or, doing nothing at all. The wall accessories for living room, can truly transform the room and add aesthetic appeal, so, if you carelessly put anything on the walls that clash with the color, with overall design theme, or, be distracting in an unpleasant way, then you make a big mistake. On the other hand the bare walls would not look inviting as well. So, what to do?

Don't worry we have put together a list of wall accessories that are not only useful but trendy as well.

Wall accessories for the living room

The living room wall accessories could be varied and while buying you must keep the following factors  in mind.

  • Color
  • Size
  • Variety
  • Uniformity

Now let's find out what accessories should you be choosing-

    1. Wall Art: We will be starting with the humble yet a powerful wall accessory the wall art. Usually people do not pay attention to the wall art first, but these could add a different appeal if chosen well. A beautiful and aesthetically appealing wall art not only enhances the appeal of the room but also becomes a style statement.
    2. Wall Shelf: The idea might not seem charming at first, but when you give it a thought, it could be an ideal accessory for living room walls. While searching for designer home accessories, you should consider searching for uniquely designed wall shelves. You can find quirky shaped wall shelves which could help you add a personal touch to the wall. On a shelf like this you can place a planter, or, a couple of hardbacks.
    3. Picture frames or, wall frames: These again come in different varieties which you should know of. The metallic frames in a vintage design would look so amazing on a wall. Your guests would appreciate your choice and would probably bug you to know where did you shop for these. Wooden frames too lend an elegant look.
    4. Quote Wall Hangings: The quote wall hangings add a quirky touch to your living room. Now you can choose what kind of message or, quote you want to display. You can have something motivational, something that would inspire you when you desperately need some after a long tiring day. You can also display fun messages, something that would make your guests smile or, even laugh out loud.
    5. Mirrors: The clever use of the mirrors can truly transform a room. In a small living room the placement of mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger space. Most importantly, when you use a mirror in a room you can also optimize the natural light and enhance the light in the room. Choose unique shape, you can opt for round ones or, even try a Squircle one. The choice is yours.
    6. Wall Clock: Yes the clock can be an excellent accessory as well, which can truly speak or, chime volumes for your personal taste. To add some classy touch you can opt for vintage treasures, or, choose from the elaborate designs available. A smart, sleek one would add the urbane appeal, and when you opt for something trendy like a luxurious piece of work of art crafted out of metal, you add that designer, exclusive edge.
    7. Key Holder: A key holder is the key accessory for a living room and essential as well, as you would need a place to hang all the keys. You can go completely quirky with your choice, get ready to have a key shaped key holder, or, even a fun animal shaped one. You can also opt for simple yet, elegant versions.

Those were a couple of wall accessories for the living room that you should try out. Before you go shopping do research to be sure what will work for you and what should not be on the living room wall. When you plan well, it shows.