5 Snacks That are Perfect to Serve With Tea and Coffee

Let's face it, we love to snack, and we just do not wait for the snack time to enjoy our snacks but we also look for excuses to munch on the goodies, any time of the day. Even when we sit down to enjoy a good session of tea or, enjoy a good book with a steaming mug of coffee, we keep on craving for a yummy plate filled with snacks. That is true, your tea and coffee session won't be complete without a good supply of snacks that complement the beverages. So, if you are about to throw a tea party, you should get some awesome tea sets, buy tea coasters online, and plan what snacks to serve with the tea, likewise for your coffee time too you would need a plateful of cookies, biscuits, or, may be something else?

Usually the namkeen, and biscuits are considered to be the standard tea time snacks. We all have our usual picks for the coffee time snacks as well, but here we have decided to pitch in some ideas to make your tea and coffee time even more delectable, so, let's dig in.

Snacks to Serve With Tea and Coffee:

  • Cookies: Yes, we are starting with the universally favorite item here, the cookies. Whether you are having tea or, coffee, you would love to have a plate full of cookies. The best thing about the cookies is that you can come up with so many variations of this. Be it the classic chocolate chip cookies which win all hearts, or, something else, everyone will be happy. Whether you prefer to bake them crunchy or, soft, it would be appreciated by your guests, you can win more brownie points if you buy exclusive tea and coffee sets online, to make the presentation classy.

    The chocolate chip cookie, is not the only thing that you have to come up with, you can opt for almond cookies, or, some oatmeal raisin cookies, both of which would be the perfect snack for your cup of tea or, coffee. However, the list is endless with variations like sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies. However, do not forget to buy tea coasters online, to prevent your tablecloths from spills.

  • Sandwiches:  Now we are talking about snacks that are filling. The sandwiches are the best snack you can come up with, when you sit down with a big cup of coffee. Even for your tea party you can have a serving platter full of sandwiches. As you buy serving trays online, make sure that you are picking the ones that will really go well with your whole presentation and are rightly sized for your table.

    Just like the cookies, the sandwiches are also versatile, and if you have any plans of serving healthy snacks, then you must try serving some yummy sandwiches. Now, you can serve the yummy chicken sandwich, and you can never go wrong with the grilled cheese sandwich. However, nothing can save you from the fuss yet help you win hearts like a fried egg sandwich. Just take your pick.

  • Fritters: Fritters are the must-have snacks when you have a cup of hot tea to enjoy, now be it your masala chai, or, some other exotic version, you will love to have fritters with that. You can be as creative as you want with your fritter version here. You might enjoy having some potato fritters, or, something like a mild paneer fritter would be perfect. Your coffee and tea time are going to be even more entertaining, as you concoct yummy variations of it to serve with the beverages.

    For healthy snacks you can never go wrong with corn fritters. Just have your own version of the fritter and choose ingredients as per your mood or, theme of the session. If you are planning on chatting with friends on a rainy evening and have cups of hot tea, then your fritters need to be as spicy as your gossip. Buy tea and coffee sets online for different occasions to keep things interesting.

  • Cupcakes: Now you are just smacking your lips. Why wouldn't you? After all these dainty delights are what you need for a fancy tea party, and also for settling down with a cup of coffee, and a book. The cupcakes are heavenly delights which pack a punch with delectable and colorful frostings. Again you will have so much fun with the variations, you can buy these or, if you are a hardcore fan of baking then you can bake some yourself.

    You can opt for the classic chocolate cupcakes, perfect for the intense coffee sessions, or, the luxurious red velvet cupcakes ideal for your tea party. Cinnamon, coconut, lemon, strawberry, keep on tweaking the flavors and combinations, until you find what you like. However, take out your cutest serving trays and present your cupcakes. When you buy serving trays online, you should look for some cutest and adorable designs as well.

  • Pastries:  Another great combo for both tea and coffee. You can dabble in the recipes available and pick the pastries that will delight your taste buds. Now if you are wondering which one to get, then pick the Danish pastries, or, the Strudels. If you or, your guests are in mood for something a little on the crispy side then the filo pastries are your best options. You just have to plan in advance keeping in mind the preference of the guests and your own too, also the theme of your tea party would matter. If you are just having friends over for coffee then you might want to play with different versions.

So, there you go! We have listed here 5 amazing snacks that you can enjoy with your tea, and coffee. Get ready to explore these, you can also come up with something else. Just keep things fun and yummy. Do not forget to buy tea coasters online in beautiful patterns to make the presentation stunning.