5 Crockery Care Tips You Didn't Know About

Your kitchen looks empty without the colorful pieces of crockery, adorned with beautiful patterns, in fact you cannot imagine a kitchen to be functional at all without your crockery. We love to shop for the best crockery online in India, and the choices available there are too tempting to overlook. We keep on stocking up on the crockery pieces, along with the cutlery in the kitchen. There are a number of crockery pieces that we need for everyday usage, as well as some really exclusive items which are required for entertaining the guests. However, if you do not take care of the crockery pieces then you will end up replacing these pieces more frequently than you should. So, to help you out we have put together a list of the crockery care tips that you need to keep in mind.

How to Take Care of Your Crockery Pieces?

We have put together here 5 tips that will help you take care of your crockery the right way.

  1. Follow The Instructions: 

    When you buy the best crockery online in India made of a certain material, you would find the cleaning instructions to be there on the packaging itself. Whether you buy the ceramic crockery, or, you have the chinaware, you have to make sure that you are following the cleaning instructions printed on the packaging. You might be used to cleaning the dishes using the dishwasher, but before putting the crockery in the dishwasher you need to know whether these pieces are at all fit to go into the dishwasher or, not. Also if there are some pre-washing steps that you should follow before you start the actual cleaning procedure. You can certainly find the details you need on the package itself, and you should follow the same rule while buying home decor accessories online.

  2. Do Not Let the Stains Sit in:

    You have to keep in mind one thing that you should never ever let the food stains sit in. When you are cooking, or, serving food in the crockery plates, the grease, the spice stains, all of that make the crockery dirty. Also if you somehow burn food, then that mark too need to be removed completely from the crockery surface ASAP. When you let the stain, burn mark sit for long, you will have problem getting rid of the stain and these would also leave hard to remove residue. To clean all of these you would need to put a lot of pressure on the crockery surface, and will probably scrub the surfaces too frequently and this would result in gradual erosion and the surface would also look scratchy.

  3. Be Careful With the Delicate Ones:

    Not every crockery piece that you get your hands on would be right for the dishwasher. If you can't find the cleaning instructions, and if you are not aware of that then you have to set aside the delicate pieces. The delicate pieces usually are not meant for going through the cycles of the dishwasher, the heat might damage the delicate patterns of the crockery as well as the surface itself. Furthermore, you cannot just use any kind of dishwashing detergent for these pieces of crockery, the reason being that the detergent contains chemicals and these chemicals might harm the delicate surface of the expensive crockery items. If you have bought home decor accessories online, and you need to clean these do not use any chemical cleaners.

  4. Clean Separately:

    When you have to clean the crockery, do not put the pieces of the best crockery online in India with other items in the sink. Do not clean the cutlery in the kitchen, pots, pans, and your crockery together. You have to remember that these are more delicate than your pans, pots and other hardy utensils and this means when you put all of these together there would be a clash. Furthermore, the temperature of the water would matter as well, for cleaning you pots and pans you might be needing hot water. But you cannot put the delicate crockery in the hot water right away, that would be harmful for the crockery surface. You should always use lukewarm water for cleaning these pieces, but never too hot. When you buy crockery plates online, you will find the instructions mentioned there.

  5. Follow This Cleaning Process: 

    You do not just dump your crockery pieces into the soapy water to clean everything together. You just have to remember that your cleaning ritual for the crockery pieces will have to be absolutely careful. You need to first remove the stain, remaining food particles from the pieces with a wet piece of kitchen towel. Do not scratch the surface ever to get rid of the stain, just gently remove and do not put pressure. If the stain has already set, then you should consider soaking the crockery pieces in lukewarm water by putting a mild dishwashing liquid in it. While buying the crockery plates online, you should learn about the detergent that could be used. Let the crockery pieces soak in this mixture for a couple of minutes, before you gradually rinse the stains away. While cleaning use a gentle sponge and do not scrub hard. Towel dry the pieces and when these are completely dry, store separately.

Those were the crockery care tips that you must be keeping in mind if you really want to keep your crockery in good condition for years to come. Follow these tips and enjoy the elegance of your precious crockery for a long time to come. Buy only the best crockery online in India, that are durable and easy to clean.