12 Best Home Decor Trends that Will Rule in 2021

The year 2020 filled our lives with so much concern and anxiety, however, this was also the year when staying at home was one of the "new normals" we had to get used to. Interestingly amidst the  frustration we finally got the opportunity to spend time at home with the loved ones. So, 2021 is here and although the situation is still not under control, this should be the year you give your home decor some twists.

Here is a compilation of 12 home decor trends that according to the experts would rock 2021. Take a look at them to locate the ones that are most likely to resonate with you. Let's begin-

  1. The calming hue: Blue is going to be the color to watch out for. The color is considered to be soothing and because of the stressful situation that we are still battling, we need some calming effect and nothing can give you the calming vibe than blue. Be picky about the shade you choose, settling for aqua ones would be sensible.

  2. Designer home accessories: The home has suddenly become a focal point for so many reasons. As we are spending so much time in our nests, we might as well add some luxury elements to it. You do not have to spend a ton of money, just plan well and opt for unique home decor accessories that would speak volumes on your behalf. 'Maximalism' is trending right now, get the drift.

  3. The natural light: This year let the light into your home and let all the rooms soak in the warmth and brightness of natural light. Since we are going to be spending so much of our time inside, natural light is needed as it would brighten up the mood.

  4. Functionality is a key element: After spending so much time together for so long, during which children were schooled, adults carried on with their professional responsibilities, we have now realized how important our home could be. So, increase the functionality of rooms this year, add furniture pieces or, come up with ideas that could do the trick like how to turn a table into a school desk or, your workstation.

  5. Closer to the earth: This year we would love to go back to nature by welcoming its hues into our abode. Earthy hues are bound to be under the limelight for all the right reasons. You could buy home accessories online, that have the earthy tone, or, could get curtains or, carpets of earthy shades.

  6. Lots of plants: Let plants be your companion. When you are spending a long time indoors, you would love to have a plant friend sitting neatly next to you. Greenery has a calming effect on our eyes, so, when you feel tired looking at the computer screen for so long, just take a look around the house plants. The plants are also great for giving your indoors a refreshing look.

  7. Get cozy: Yes, minimalism is important, but this year surround yourself with everything you love. Work on your home decor to make every room cozy. Whether it is by getting beautiful wall accessories for living room, or, by getting cozy furniture pieces. Turn your nest into the coziest shelter.

  8. A burst of colors: Although blue is there to calm our souls, we need some vibrant hues alongside that would get us out of the sheer boredom. So, add some bright colors to your decor by getting colorful accessories or, throw pillows or, even repaint your furniture pieces. Go for colors like bright yellow, orange, even pink.

  9. Home office: Earlier it were the people who chose to work from home, invested in building a home office space. Ever since the pandemic forced us all to look for corners that could double up as an office for those video conferences, we have realized the importance of having one. So, the home office space gets the attention this year, the area should be formal, yet cozy and convenient.

  10. Smart Storage space: As we are spending a long time indoors now, there is bound to be a clutter. It is difficult to find anything useful for anybody when everybody just adds to the rising clutter. This year the focus shifts to finding smart storage solutions for every room that can keep the clutter away and help you stay organized and stress-free.

  11. Statement pieces for decor: An interesting trend that you need to follow is to get some statement piece which should be the focal point of a particular room. Just play with ideas and keep the theme in mind, you could go for pieces that reflect your style.

  12. Local color: As the pandemic made us turn towards the local markets, there is a demand now for the local craft. So, it is most likely that people would love to have something that would reflect the regional flavor, through artwork, stitches, pottery, or something else.

2021 is the year when the home decor trends would blend aesthetics with functionality and well-being. So, keep the trends in mind and let your home be the reflection of your personality and style.