10 Yummy Desserts to Serve in These Serving Platters

Who doesn't have a sweet tooth? Even if you are not fond of the sweets, once in a while it feels so heavenly to sink your teeth in pure bliss. There is nothing like the desserts to wrap up a delicious dinner in a satisfying way. Your guests at those dinner parties definitely look forward to what you have whipped up for them. Are you tired of plating the same desserts or, managing with something from the local bakery?

No matter which way you would like to turn you should keep things interesting. On the other hand if you are a cook who loves to entertain the guests with recipes, you would love to satisfy the guests with something delectable and amazing from your kitchen. To satisfy your craving for sweets we have come up with not just one but 10 lip smacking dessert ideas perfect to serve on your designer serving platters. If you do not have any then buy designer serving platters online now.

Serve up These Desserts on Your Designer Serving Platters:

  • Kaju katli : Nothing brings a smile more brighter than the yummy kaju katlis which just seem to melt in your mouth and fills your mind with pure bliss. Have you ever met any guest who has outright refused to have any kaju katli? This festival staple sweet is not at all restricted to any occasions, you can make this nutty delight anytime.

  • Laddus : If there is an ubiquitous sweet out there then that has to be the delicious laddu. Whether there is puja at home, or, any kind of occasion, there would be a plate full of laddus. Things cannot get better when you prepare some yummy laddus at home and serve these on beautiful crockery plates and bowls.  You can find amazing crockery plates online in lovely colors and patterns.

  • Gajar ka halwa: Nothing can beat the beautiful concoction of healthy carrots, and milk which Gajar ka halwa is all about. Just imagine that a vegetable can also be turned into a delectable sweet dish something that you would savor. The beautiful orange of the healthy carrots gets wrapped in creamy thickness, and the heavenly smell is too hard to resist.

  • Gulab jamun: If there is another sweet which is ubiquitous in nature then the Gulab jamun would be next in line. The soft sponginess filled with sweetness makes you salivate the moment you set your eyes on it. You can choose to make it with milk powder as well and it would taste heavenly still.  The gulab jamun is the perfect item to wrap up a sumptuous dinner.

  • Brownie: How can we not include the brown delight in this list when this is a universal favorite dish? The brownie is that dessert that is bound to bring smile to every face across age groups. The softness of the brownies coupled with a glossy finish, can be so tempting for the eyes and also for the taste buds. The brownie is easy to make and can be an utter delight.

  • Muffins:  Although this item is considered to be a breakfast staple, you can have this on your dessert platter. This is one of the healthy dessert choices that you are going to absolutely fall in love with. The tiny soft delights could be made with diverse ingredients, you can bake chocolate muffins and for a healthy touch you could opt for a blueberry version. Get ready to explore your options.

  • Cupcakes: Perfect for those tea parties that you love to throw to enjoy some lazy chitchat with your friends. The variations are so many that you will be spoilt for choice, the cupcakes are not only yummy but are also visually appealing, the lovely hues and the mouthwatering frosting can make anybody happy.  If you have bought any tea and coffee sets online recently then take these out and serve alongside a platter full of cupcakes.

  • Cheesecake: Simple to make, but tastes like pure heaven, a cheesecake is that perfect dessert that make your dinners even more cozy and guests happy. It does not take a lot of ingredients and effort to prepare this delectable item, but it does guarantee nothing but blissful taste. Just tuck into a piece and you would be lost in the softness of the cheesecake.

  • Rasmalai: A big favorite on this list would be the rasmalai, just serve a glass bowl filled with the soft sponge balls sitting proudly in the thick, sweetened milk. As you put a spoonful in your mouth you would be lost in the flavors. It takes a little effort to make this dish, but it's worth every bit of effort.

  • Tiramisu:  Let's wrap up this journey with a classy one, the Tiramisu, this Italian dessert is quite a popular across the globe, and it is not that difficult to prepare. The heady concoction of cheese, coco, and mesmerizing flavors make this dessert a must on the dinner table.

With this we come to the end of the desserts tour, here are the items which are a favorite of everyone, so get ready to try these out and do serve these next time you have company to entertain at your place.

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